Moderation of the content of the end users

When content moderation is activated, all new and edited content from end users is sent to a queue where a Guide administrator can review it before being published. You can choose to queue all posts and comments from end users or only content that contains specific words.

The content that appears in the moderation queue is not published directly. It must be approved or rejected. The content of end users that have been previously approved is also sent to the moderation queue.

What content can be moderated?

You can moderate the following type of content:

• Blog posts and comments

• Forum posts and comments

• Community archives

You can review the content before it is published and approve its publication, reject it or delete it. You can also review and manage published content that users have flagged as inappropriate or problematic.

Moderation of content before publishing

If you are the moderator, you will receive a notification when a user submits content. The notification includes information about the person sending the content and a link to the content.

Process of content moderation :

1. Press the Moderation tab.

2. Press Content approval in the navigation pane, and then select the type of content you want to work with.

3. Review an item and select one of these actions:

4. Approve: Publish the content.

5. Reject: content is moved to the Rejected tab where it can later be approved or deleted. The author can review the rejected content of the blog and resubmit it for approval.

6. Delete: permanently delete the content.

For text moderation it is must to choose best company. For example, if you have a blog for infant health, the service of a moderation agency on the Internet site allows you to broadcast only pleasant messages to read and advice on child care. 

Text moderation service is a guarantee for you that your readers will not come across unwanted and inappropriate messages.

Thanks to the moderator, your portal stays clean and the exchanges will increase in number. The increase in number of your audiences allows you to have a good SEO for your site and to ensure better visibility.

So Text moderation is best way to achieve maximum users and hence the maximum traffic. Keep in mind that your followers expect you to better promote your site and also theirs, so you must ensure that your page meets their requirements.

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